Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

The new Graphic Adventure of the most famous archeologist in the world. By Rolls3D

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

Discover the dark secrets of the Necronomicon, the book of the Old Gods.

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

Company Indy in his most dark adventure.

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

The Man with the Hat is Back, in his most dangerous Quest.

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows, the Horror Graphic Adventure based in the works of H.P.Lovecraft.

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Scenario - Barnett College

Scenario: Barnett College

Country: USA 
Barnett College
Hamilton Hall,
Grove Avenue,
Fairfield, New York
Year: 1937

Historical situation: President Franklin D. Roosevelt holds power in the U.S.
It is a time of financial growth in the country. 
In May happens Hindenburg airship disaster. 
The first appearance of Batman in comics is given.
The famous Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrian traffic.
 The Marijuana Tax Act becomes law in the United States.

Hello Indyfans. Today I upload some first views of the first scenario for Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows: The Barnett College, the University where Indiana Jones, the famous archeologist, works as professor.

Under these lines of text, I show you two renders, the first is a 3D sketch cartoon aspect, based on the classic adventure game that inspires me. This first sketch in 3D helped me catch volumes and sizes which then led to the second render, final render more care to details, complex textures and a much more realistic look.

I made this scenario based in the original scenario of the classic graphic adventure Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), adding realistic details to it. I must mention the great work of the Binary Legends team, currently working in the great fan adventure "Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold", that also served me as inspiration for my work. Here you have a link to their website to enjoy about their works:
I plead absolute fan of the great job they are doing. Below I have uploaded  two samples of their scenarios , namely the Barnett College , also based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the adventure game.

The building of a strong European style represents the epitome of Western University of the 30s, with Victorian decorations in the windows and classic design.
Here you can see too the different Barnett College that have appeared in different versions of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Finally, I would like to put a frame from the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in which we can observe the actual building serving for the fictional college Barnett College. In fact, the venue chosen by Steven Spielberg for the film location is the Masonic School in Rickmansworth Hertfordshire, USA.

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Indiana Jones - 3D Model

Indiana Jones logo and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Lucasfilm Ltd. This is a FanFiction Non-Commercial work created by Roberto Julio Alamo - CG Artist

Greetings. I upload this Work In Progress realistic model of Indiana Jones / Harrison Ford for the project "Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows", the Graphic Adventure that I was thinking to do from a long time ago.
To work in this model I used Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Pixologic Zbrush, and NukeX 6.2v. It was rended with MentalRay engine.
I´ll continue working in it and uploading new renders.



Draws - Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

Here I show you two draws of Indy that I did to promote the videogame Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows. I hope that you like it.

jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

History - Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows

It belongs to a museum!- Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr.

Hello, my name is Roberto Julio Alamo –Rolls3D-, and I´m an Indyfan from I was little, we can say from I born. From a long time ago I enjoy with all the adventures of the most famous archeologist, I watched his movies, played the videogames and read many of his books and comics.
I wanted to make a videogame about Indiana Jones from a long time ago, and I started it many times, so the story of this project have many years, starting maybe from 1993, but I will start this story from 1999, date from I still have files and graphics of the first part of the project.

1999, 10 years after The Last Crusade,  7 years after The Fate of Atlantis. In this year, I started to work in a Graphic Adventure based in the Adventure Game Studio AGS Engine. The work was slow and the performance of the engine was not so strong as I like. Anyway, finally I created a playable demo with 10 scenarios, but finally I didn´t still working in it. At that time, the project´s name was “Indiana Jones and the Dark Book”, name that recently I changed to “Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows”.

I started with the work in the backgrounds, with the draws and with the pixeled final images. At this time I already create a first playable DEMO with ten different backgrounds and some too much easy puzzles, in two different countries: Mexico and Hungary. Indy must to find some objects to force a locked pass to an archeological excavation, in the outsides of Budapest; this bring him to find an old map of the 4th century, and after his investigation, and some telegrams that he receive from his old friend, Marcus Brody, in the University of Budapest, Indy travel to the Yucatan peninsula, to the Tulum ruins in Mexico, where his quest of the Dark Book begins.
By the moment the plot of the adventure was too far to be solid, but was a beginning , and little by little the adventure start to grow up.

Getting the pixeled character of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis as base for the game, little by little it was evolving, as the main plot of the game. I wanted to make an union between my favourite writer and his jobs, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and my favourite character of the films, Indiana Jones. With this two amazing worlds together, something good was going to born. Based in the books of the first and in the Cthulhu mythology, I already had all the elements necessary to create a good adventure for Indiana Jones, and the object that this time our archeologist friend was going to search: The Necronomicon. But about this you can read more in the Sinopsis of the game, now I go to continue with the history.

In 2001 the game continue, with an evolution of Indy, I wanted he look more like the Indiana Jones in the movies, so I made the character more big to can draw with pixels a recognizable face similar to Harrison Ford.

With enthusiasm, I started to re wrote the main plot of the adventure, based in an old story about Indiana Jones that I wrote a long time ago, mixing, as the main idea of the game, the mystic world and arcane objects of the works of Howard Philips Lovecraft, and the action, fun and magic of the great adventures of Indiana Jones.
Ahead I show a group of screenshots of the second beginning sequence of the first version of the game. With this initial sequence, starting with the Paramount logo, and making a fade with a real mountain, I pretend to make it the more similar to the official adventures of Indy.  As his other adventures, the game starts with Indiana Jones searching something, an object, different that the main plot of the adventure.

In 2003 the game develop a lot, and finally it become the second version. Although I liked the results, my job was becoming a very old style, with more similarities with the graphic quality of the VGA The Last Crusade, and I wanted a more modern style, at least more similar to the style of The Fate of Atlantis. In addition, it focused the graphic adventure mainly in a deep American village, and although the atmosphere was good in my opinion, I was going far away from the Indiana Jones style and approaching too much to the Lovecraft works, losing the desired balance, and perhaps resembling the process project to adventures like Shadow of the Comet, where the main ambience was the horror. I must flee this new style, so, again, after that, I followed my steps back to take a new approach to the adventure I had in mind...

From the moment the adventure began to take another course, and working on the story, I got the balance he sought. Being an adventure based on the work of Lovecraft, of course, should have horror elements, but didn´t want cross the limit, I did not make the adventure too dark history, so I decided that the greatest horror that had to show it could be somewhat similar to that shown when Mola Ram takes the heart from his chest to a poor victim in the Temple of Doom. I did not want to go further, but not to stay too short and wanted to keep the style and ambience of Indiana Jones, with doses of action, some humor, and plenty of trips to exotic places ... The essence of our most admired adventurer.

In the years from 2006 to 2009 I retake the project, and with my new knowledge in the field of the 3D, I started to build new scenarios, this time abandoning my beloved pixels to start with another look for the game.
This, of course, forced all the work had to be started from scratch, and he meant to keep an aesthetic coherence in the project. At this time I started with the creation of a new Indiana Jones, this time in 3D, but although slowly pulled something similar with Harrison Ford, the results still did not convince me at all.

The different scenarios were gradually gaining greater realism, gaining complexity and giving a completely different game. I must admit that previous versions had a special charm pixelated , something magical , perhaps reminding those long night hours spent solving the puzzles of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Graphic Adventure) or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
This did not discourage me, but instead it made ​​me want to keep creating, looking for ways to recapture that magic of the pixels but not counting the pixels. Arming myself with an increasingly solid history of ideas increasingly foundation, and, above all, with the power of a fan of Indiana Jones...
The problem I was having at that time was that of the characters , especially Indiana Jones , who wanted to model correctly , much like the original , which led me to continue delaying the project in time . As more and more scenarios was telling , the characters were crowding me , and , because of this lack of time and eventually the game went into another long break . Although in my head, Indy continued to live his new adventures ...

This year,  the name of the project changes. I decided to change it from “Indiana Jones and the Dark Book” to “Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows”.
The project reborn with my new abilities in the 3D field, and I started to create a new image for the character. I wanted that to play with Indiana Jones is to be Indiana Jones, so I wanted to do it so similar to the real Harrison Ford during the films of the original trilogy. I based my work specially in the two first movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1936) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1935), because this story, “Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows”, happened in 1937, before Indiana Jones and the last Crusade (1938).

Present day.

Now I´m living in the far China, and I still enjoying with our famous hero, Indiana Jones. By the moment I still work in the project with a new engine, the Wintermute Engine.
With my new knowledge of 3D and programming I´m starting the project from zero, creating a new adventure for Indiana Jones dedicated to all the Indyfans, that like me, miss the travels and the action of the most famous archeologist in the world.
By the moment I created this new website to all of you can follow my progress, and that all of you can enjoy with this game, by the moment in W.I.P. status.

Welcome to Indiana Jones and the Book of Shadows


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